City of Shawnee

Homes Associations

Shawnee residents enjoy a diversity of lifestyles; older established neighborhoods, newer subdivisions, lakeside homes, country estates, condominiums, townhomes, and senior citizen developments.

There are many organized home associations in the City of Shawnee. These associations are private organizations and are not regulated by the City. The City has no authority over an association's building or other deed restrictions as long as they do not violate any City ordinances. The City of Shawnee encourages individuals to contact their homes association directly before making changes to their home, starting a home business, or for other restrictions.

The City Council from time to time addresses issues that may be of particular concern to homes associations. In order for the City to notify homes associations, we must have a contact. To facilitate this process we are providing on-line registration. This information will be used to provide a contact for the Governing Body and City staff when the Council is considering projects or regulatory changes affecting homes association neighborhoods.