City of Shawnee

How to Calculate your City Property Tax

Property Tax bills for any address within Johnson County, Kansas, are available on the Johnson County Treasurer website and in the Land Records Search.


Calculating Your City Property Taxes

Your Home's Market Value x 11.5% = Your Home's Assessed Value
Assessed Value x City's Mill Levy Rate (.023048) = What you pay in City Property Taxes

$382,700 x 11.5% = $44,011
$44,011 x .023048 = $1,014.37


Appraised Value
The APPRAISED VALUE represents the market value of a property. In Johnson County, the County Appraiser's office determines appraised value, taking into account the property's location, topography, size, shape, quality, age, and condition of building(s), as well as current market conditions for similar properties.
Assessed Value
The ASSESSED VALUE is by law a fixed percent of the appraised value. The assessed value of a residential property is currently set at 11.5% of its appraised value.
Mill Levy
The MILL LEVY is the tax rate that is applied to each $1,000 of a property's assessed value to determine the amount of taxes owed.
Property Tax
PROPERTY TAX is calculated by multiplying the ASSESSED VALUE by the current MILL LEVY.