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The Shawnee CityRide is available to Shawnee residents, 65 years of age or older or persons with disabilities. Disability is defined as having a record of a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities or being regarded as having such impairment as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Residents, who are otherwise ineligible, but who are temporarily disabled and are unable to drive, are also eligible for limited participation. Temporarily disabled or disabled resident must provide a physician's letter indicating their disability. For more questions about the program, call Shawnee City Hall, (913) 742-6014.

Service Area
Shawnee CityRide provides rides to and from private residences, to businesses, to physician offices, and any other location inside the Shawnee City limits. As part of this program, 10/10 Taxi will also take eligible Shawnee residents to the AdventHealth Shawnee Mission Hospital Complex, the Mission Transit Center at 5251 Johnson Drive or to the Merriam Community Center, at no additional charge.
Outside the Service Area
Rides outside the service area are not part of Shawnee CityRide. If a rider has a destination outside the City limits or to somewhere other than the AdventHealth Shawnee Mission Hospital Complex, the Mission Transit Center or to the Merriam Community Center, the rider is responsible for paying any additional charges that may be incurred with 10/10 Taxi.
Calling for A Ride
The service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. It is suggested that riders call 10/10 taxi at 913-647-0010 45 minutes prior to needing a ride and give the pick-up address and the address of the planned destination. Riders with a location west of Lackman may need to schedule a pick-up at least one hour in advance. When calling choose option 2 for accounts or option 4 for a live operator. Let the operator know you have a CityRide card.
Handicap Accessible Vehicle
Riders who require a wheelchair lift van must request that vehicle when calling for a pick-up. It is suggested that riders call 10/10 taxi two hours prior to needing a ride and give the pick-up address and the address of the planned destination.
The City's current agreement with 10/10 Taxi provides taxi services in the City limits and to the three other designated locations. The CityRide participant pays $2 for each one-way trip. The City supplements the cost of the rides through an electronic card program. Cards for qualified individuals are available at Shawnee City Hall, 11110 Johnson Drive.
E-ride Limits
Each 10/10 Taxi is equipped with an electronic reader system. Eligible CityRide participants can purchase a maximum of 10 CityRide E-rides per month. These E-rides are stored on an electronic card that can be read with the electronic readers system in each taxi.

Each E-ride is good for a one-way trip and 10 E-rides equal five round-trips. Unused E-rides will be carried over to the next month. A participant may use more than 10 CityRide E-rides per month if they have not used them in prior months.

The City will provide one electronic card per eligible rider free of charge. If the card is lost or stolen, the replacement cost is $3.
Riders Assistance
The taxicab driver shall at all times be courteous when dealing with the public. The driver shall in all instances in which it is requested or required assist a passenger to enter the vehicle and to load and unload all luggage, except a driver shall not be required to lift a passenger, or items weighing more than 50 pounds. Every taxicab driver shall operate his or her taxi in accordance with the laws of the state and the city, and with due regard for the safety, convenience and comfort of passengers and the general public.
Passengers other than participants
A rider may take up to three (RFP) other persons including a caregiver, family member, or friend for one e-ride (cost). Additional riders are not required to be program eligible (65 years or older or disabled).
Violation of Program Rules

The funding for CityRide is limited and is budgeted to provide transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities. Each month rides are reviewed to insure compliance with these established rules and regulations. If an eligible participant gives their rides to someone who is not eligible for the program and the E-rides are used for someone other than intended program participants, the senior or disabled person forfeits their eligibility for the program indefinitely. The City will notify participants in writing of a violation and give the participant the opportunity to submit in writing why the participant's eligibility should not be forfeited. The Task Force will consider documentation of the perceived violation and any information provided by the participant and determine future program eligibility. Once a decision has been made, the participant will be notified in writing that they have forfeited their eligibility and the reason(s) for the forfeiture.

Grievance Procedure
Any participant who believes they are eligible for CityRide, but has been refused access to the CityRide Service based on qualification may appeal to the CityRide Task Force in writing within 15 days of being denied access. Any person who has been notified that their program eligibility has been forfeited, may appeal in writing to the CityRide Task Force in writing within 15 days of being notified. The CityRide Task Force will hold a hearing when the participant will have the opportunity to give reasons why they are eligible or why their eligibility should not be forfeited. City staff, who administers the program, will provide information about why they believe the person is not eligible or why they believe the person has forfeited eligibility. Upon receiving all relevant information, the CityRide Task Force will make a final determination and notify both the grievant and City staff of the final determination within five business days. If it is determined that a person is no longer eligible for the program, a refund for unused vouchers will not be given.
These rules are subject to change and modification from time to time by the Task Force.
Adopted by the Transportation Task Force on February 12, 2015

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