Who We Are

The Shawnee Fire Department stands out among fire departments nationwide by holding both ISO Class 1 and Commission on Fire Accreditation International accreditations.

Since its establishment in 1924, this career fire and emergency medical service has dutifully served the City. Operating as an all-hazards response agency, its dedicated members are sworn to safeguard the lives and property of both residents and visitors from various threats, including fire, medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, industrial mishaps, natural disasters, and man-made calamities. Four stations strategically located within the City - John B. Glaser Fire Station #71 at 22701 W. 68th Terrace (Temporary Fire Administrative Offices), Station #72 at 5840 Renner, Station #73 at 6805 Hedge Lane, and Station #74 at 5300 Woodsonia - cater to the community's safety needs.

Operating around the clock, seven days a week, the Shawnee Fire Department is comprised of fire service professionals organized into five companies operating from four stations, the department follows the Berkley schedule, consisting of three 24-hour shifts with a 24-hour break between shifts. After completing the third shift, the crew enjoys a four-day off-duty period.

The administrative team of SFD includes the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief of Strategic Services, Deputy Chief of Operations, Division Chief of Emergency Management, two Fire Prevention Officers, two Fire Chaplains, Business Improvement Analyst, Public Safety Information Officer, and an Administrative Assistant. Providing a range of services to Shawnee citizens, the Fire Department's offerings encompass fire prevention, emergency medical services (EMS) at a basic life support level, fire suppression, technical and water rescue, a dedicated wildland firefighting task force, emergency preparedness, life safety education, and more.


Image of Firefighter