City of Shawnee

Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee

What is the Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee?
The Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee was established to oversee the City's Strategic Plan and is intended to be a hands-on guiding group to have oversight of the process.

While Strategic Government Resources, the Consultant the City hired to facilitate this process, is very good at their job, and has successfully completed hundreds of Strategic Plans all over the United States, nobody knows Shawnee better than we know ourselves. What works for one city could be the completely wrong direction for us.

That is why this Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee was established -  to assist the Consultant in developing action plans, timelines, and a general overall structure to the process.

The members of this Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee are thought leaders throughout our community, are heavily involved in all aspects of this great city we call home, and possess the traits that will help steer this city forward: strategic, analytical, and creative thinkers who are experts in all aspects Shawnee - now and in the future. 
Responsibilities of Our Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee

Guidance, Vision, and Oversight

  • Develop and refine purpose statement for the Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee
  • Oversee Community Meetings to gather data for the Strategic Vision
  • Track progress of work using agreed-upon indicators at Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee and working group levels
  • Make connections between working groups to ensure coordination and efficiency
  • Interact with and support the City in the Strategic Planning Process. 


  • Consider how your individual organization or those in your network can align with Shawnee’s Strategic Vision
  • Serve as a vocal champion of the collective impact effort in the community


  • Participate in-person in regularly scheduled meetings 
  • Review pre-read materials prior to meetings and come prepared for engaged discussion, active listening, and respectful dialogue
  • Commit to participating on the Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee until the Strategic Vision is adopted by the Governing Body
Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee Members

Mayor Michelle Distler

Councilmember Matt Zimmerman

Councilmember Lindsey Constance

USD 232 Assistant Superintendent Alvie Cater

Shawnee Mission School District Assistant Superintendent Christy Ziegler

Johnson County Community College Liason Jake Akehurst

Shawnee Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Ann Smith-Tate

Planning Commission Chair Dennis Busby

Planning Commissioner Les Smith

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Member Matt Schieber

Business Owner Kevin Bennett

Business Owner Tammy Green

Staff Support of the Steering Committee

Assistant City Manager Caitlin Gard

*Many of the members of the Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee are also Shawnee residents. So even though they are formally representing their roles on this Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee, they individually have ownership in other aspects of Shawnee. 

Imagine Shawnee Purpose Statement
The Imagine Shawnee Steering Committee established the following purpose statement:

"Inspiring our community to create a shared vision for Shawnee's future."