Community Risk Reduction

Throughout October, the Fire Department dedicates Fire Prevention Week to visiting classrooms and educating children about the significance of fire safety. Explore the informative video crafted by our dedicated firefighters, aimed at helping kids grasp essential fire safety practices!


Encountering a fire can be profoundly distressing, leading to the destruction of treasured childhood photographs, invaluable family heirlooms, and irreplaceable memories of our loved ones. The core objective of the Shawnee Strategic Services Section is to take proactive measures in preventing fires within our community. We actively promote and adopt modernized codes and innovative technologies that are relevant and effective in today's landscape. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, feel free to reach out to Deputy Chief Corey Sands for any inquiries or assistance you may need.

The Shawnee Fire Department emphasizes five crucial components of fire prevention to successfully fulfill this objective:

The Fire Department actively advocates for and pursues the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that have demonstrated efficacy in saving lives and protecting property, ultimately preventing families from enduring such traumatic events. These proven technologies include residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems, wireless interconnected fire alarms for residences, carbon monoxide alarms, and the implementation of the safest construction techniques.
Education plays a pivotal role in every aspect of fire and life safety. The Fire Department is dedicated to educating the community on preventive measures to avert fires and imparting survival skills in case of an emergency. We strongly advocate for a collaborative partnership with all residents and businesses across the City. The outcome of any fire largely depends on the proactive measures taken before the Fire Department's arrival. Drawing from the lessons learned from past devastating fires, we continuously strive to apply these insights to prevent similar incidents in the future.
The Fire Department is committed to pursuing the most current and effective fire and life safety codes, ensuring the protection of both the community and Shawnee firefighters. Through regular fire inspections of City buildings and in collaboration with community partners, we strive to prevent the occurrence of devastating fires. Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with local stakeholders to implement proactive measures that safeguard lives and properties within our community.
Economic Incentives
Incentives can take various forms, such as offering benefits like tax credits to make the installation of fire sprinklers more economical. Additionally, providing code exceptions that enable businesses to implement fire and life safety systems in their buildings, rather than adhering strictly to more stringent code requirements, serves as another incentive. An instance of this approach is evident in the Shawnee's Downtown Improvement Program.
Emergency Response
Ensuring the Fire Department's response remains efficient and effective stands as a pivotal factor in minimizing the impact of incidents within our community. This involves safeguarding our community and firefighters by guaranteeing they possess the necessary training and equipment for their roles.