The Shawnee Fire Department has provided frequently asked questions with answers regarding:

What Fire Code is used by the Fire Department?
The City of Shawnee has adopted by ordinance the 2018 edition of the International Fire Code.
Am I allowed to use my Barbecue Grill on my apartment/condo balcony or deck?
No, unless your balcony is protected by a fire sprinkler system.
Are Portable Outdoor Fireplaces and Chimineas allowed?
Chimeneas and portable outdoor fireplaces are allowed on decks and patios of single family homes or duplexes. As with charcoal and propane grills, the use of open flame devices on decks or patios of multi-family dwellings (apartment complexes, condominiums and townhomes with more than two attached units) are not permitted within 15 feet of combustible construction (wall of the building, wood deck above, fences, etc.).
Do I need a Permit to use my Portable Outdoor Fireplace or Chiminea?

Burning without a permit is allowed for outdoor personal enjoyment and non-commercial preparation of food provided that the fire is in an appliance approved by the Fire Department. Such appliances are: chimineas, pre-manufactured grills or smokers, and outdoor fireplaces. The approval of their use is based on the following conditions being met:

  • Residence is a single family home or duplex, or appliance is 15 feet from combustible construction;
  • All original guards and protective equipment shall be in place on all the appliances;
  • All burning shall be attended by a responsible resident of the property, 18 years of age or older, at all times;
  • When not attended, fires shall be completely extinguished;
  • No burning will be allowed between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.;
  • At no time shall yard waste (e.g., leaves, brush, or trimmings, etc.) be used as fuel. Only firewood or charcoal, in the case of non-commercial food preparation, may be used as a fuel source; 
  • Appliances shall not be used to dispose of yard waste unless a Residential Burn Permit has been obtained by the property owner from the City of Shawnee Fire Department.
Does the Fire Department do Blood Pressure Checks?
Based on the availability of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), the Shawnee Fire Department welcomes walk-ins who would like to have their blood pressure checked.
Reporting fire hydrant problems?
If you notice a problem with a fire hydrant such as leaking, damage, or you know it to be non-operational, please contact Johnson County Water District One (913) 895-1800 with the address or cross streets (e.g. 55th and Johnson Drive) of the fire hydrant.
Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?
The Shawnee Fire Department does not fill pools nor does it have fire hose to loan out. We are unaware of any area businesses who rent fire hose.Should homeowners have access to 3" hose, they may contact Johnson County Water District One at (913) 895-1800 and inquire about renting a fire hydrant meter and the costs. However, please be aware that the Water District does not loan or rent the 3” hose the meter requires. It is the Water District’s suggestion that, while it may be more time consuming, it is more economical to use a garden hose and the homes’ outside water spigot to fill swimming pools.
What should I do with Old Paint and other Household Hazardous Materials?
Johnson County, Kansas Environmental Department‘s Household Hazardous Materials Collection Program accepts many common household hazardous materials such as paint, motor oil, insecticides, cleaning products, car batteries, pool chemicals, and solvents. Open to Johnson County residents by appointment only. For additional information on the hazardous materials drop-off program or to schedule your appointment, call (913) 715-6900 or TDD (800) 766-3777.
Where do I get my Fire Extinguisher(s) serviced?
As a public entity the Fire Department is unable to recommend one company over another. We suggest checking the section in the Yellow Pages business section under “Fire Extinguishers” for a listing of companies that provide the service. In certain circumstances, as in residential situations, where only a small number of fire extinguishers need to be kept at hand, it may be more cost effective to purchase new extinguishers from an area home improvement/hardware store.
How do I go about purchasing a Rapid Entry Key System for my business?
Keys developed for fire departments, a Rapid Entry Key System provides non-destructive access in emergencies to both commercial and residential property.

Rapid Entry Key Systems may be ordered on-line at www.knoxbox.com, contact Deputy Fire Chief Corey Sands at (913) 742-6102 with questions.